ROUND T BLOCK was born from a group of professionals who have been operating in
the IT sector for many years.

ROUND T BLOCK is an IT company active in the creation of BLOCKCHAIN solutions to ensure traceability and efficiency in a world where we are increasingly interconnected.

BLOCKCHAIN is considered the most important innovation after the birth of the network and will help revolutionize our way of existing … we have taken up the challenge!



It is our anti-counterfeiting solution. It guarantees to brands and clients the safety and certifications of their products.

CONTRAST the production and the distribution of fake products.

REVOLUTIONIZE marketing actions and after-sales by creating a greater interaction between the customer and the producer.

It is our solution for the management of public and private parking spaces, it allows through the BLOCKCHAIN to guarantee payment in a flexible way.

SIMPLIFIES the management of both private and public parking spaces showing in a practical and quick way the availability of parking spaces.

OPTIMIZES the flow of payments, avoiding complicated and expensive systems through text messages or credit cards and does not need to regularly send someone to empty the parking meters.


We have developed a technology to help verify the authenticity of any product on the shelf. Through the BLOCKCHAIN and the use of software applications we are able to guarantee the originality of the products on the market.

Just install the BEAD App, available on Android and iOS platforms, bring the smartphone close to the TagNFC and BEAD will provide the customer with information on the authenticity of the product and its characteristics and, to the manufacturer, valuable information on where and when the scan is performed.

Our system allows you to have, in a very short time and at low cost, a safe system to verify originality and origin, not reproducible and not modifiable, as for example happens for QRcodes and for all analogue supports.


We have developed a technology to help you find and manage parking spaces easily.

PA:K is a community that facilitates the search for a parking space by making the process fast and dynamic, allowing people who own a private parking space, which can make it available when you are not using it.

It is a platform that allows you to share your resources by creating new collaborative service models that are good for the environment.

It is a platform that also allows you to obtain earnings or to allocate the proceeds to associations that carry out social activities.

What BLOCKCHAIN technology is?

It is a set of technologies, in which the data and information register is structured as a chain of blocks containing transactions and the consensus is distributed over all the nodes of the network. All nodes can participate in the transaction validation process to be included in the ledger.


Information is recorded by distributing it among multiple nodes to ensure IT security and system resilience.



Each element on the register is traceable in its entirety and can be traced back to the exact origin.


Once written to the registry, the data cannot be changed without the consent of the network.


The content of the register is transparent and visible to all and can be consulted and verified.


The platforms allow you to manage transactions without intermediaries, i.e. without the presence of trusted central entities that create unnecessary additional costs.


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